the power of sound

Let my voice guide you into unexplored realms


subtle magic

When words become unnecessary... Some people may only know me as a coach and others only as a singer. I am now combining the two fields with a gift I call "Sound Channeling". Sound, especially song, is energy that touches and affects you in ways that spoken word cannot.


I have three coaching formats that include my Sound Channeling:

  • facilitating the release of a stuck emotion
  • letting go of an unhealthy belief
  • channeling a message for you 



My personal development and spiritual journey have been intricately connected to my journey of becoming a classical singer. Retrospectively, it makes a lot of sense that my second voice teacher introduced me to energy work, and Virginia Zeani's huband, Nicola Rossi-Lemeni Makedon, was a medium. While I still perform on stage, in musical theater and concerts, my voice has now become an instrument of change. This quality had been knocking on my door for a while, but it wasn't until I had a session with my friend, energy intuitive guide Shari Ruppert, that I finally found the courage to open up to it. 

**INDIVIDUAL CHANNELINGS without booking a session**


I'm now offering personalized channelings, embedded in a meditation and recommendations for moving ahead, which you will receive in a video for download. All I need from you is your name, location and intention for the channeling. For a very limited time only, you decide on the price! Anything between 35 and 2000 EUR will be accepted. :)   I'm looking forward to hearing from you!   xo   Friederike