what my clients say


Adam, Sweden:

"My whole life I've had huge problems opening up to people but I felt very safe with Fedi right from the start, she has a very loving presence and there is this gentle softness to her. Working with her has been amazing, it's been the first time in my life where i have been able to express my emotions openly to someone else without fear of consequence or judgement. (...) My mental and emotional state has improved a lot since my first session and I no longer feel those huge emotional swings that could occur even daily before. She is very good at finding an opening to work with I think, in some of my session I havn't really been very clear on what exactly to work on but she always maneges to find the right angles or questions to ask to get down to the issue."


Jeena, Germany:

"I loved my experience doing the Completion Process with Fedi. She was there for me when I needed it and had incredible patience. She helped me define and describe what I was feeling. (...)  I never felt uncomfortable even though I was dealing with some very difficult memories and actually being 'back' was a lot to deal with. Whatever problems and issues I had before with those memories. I was able to release them thanks to the Completion Process and with the kind and nurturing help of Fedi. Thank you so much. (...) Fedi you were able to provide me with something many hours of therapy failed to help me with."

Taliah, Australia

"She was totally present and I felt truly supported by her and I highly recommend her for dealing with abandonment issues because of this. After the session I felt like I had recalibrated my whole being. I had a such a feeling of clarity and peace within myself with an overall sense of calm that I almost felt high. Now, the morning after, the calm is still residing through my body and I'm feeling open and eased in my chest. I'm excited to see how my life will unfold from now. I'm incredibly grateful to Fedi and I hope I get the opportunity to work with her in the future."


L. from Freiburg, Germany

What I really loved about your sessions was that you are not fixed on only doing Shadow Work, but are also being open and flexibel for the situation at hand. [...] Fedi lead me well into my Safe Haven and was very considerate/ intuitive/ sensitive about what was needed in each session.
Once again: Thank you very much.