what my clients say:




Fedi’s open heart and intuitive gifts created a space for me to completely trust and go into the feelings. I felt her fully present and authentic. I had a powerful session that brought healing (some I didn’t even know I needed), and produced a major shift in my world. I’m so grateful. 

Anissa Matthews, Alchemystic Life Coach


I loved my experience doing the Completion Process with Fedi. She was there for me when I needed it and had incredible patience. She helped me define and describe what I was feeling. (...)  I never felt uncomfortable even though I was dealing with some very difficult memories and actually being 'back' was a lot to deal with. Whatever problems and issues I had before with those memories. I was able to release them thanks to the Completion Process and with the kind and nurturing help of Fedi. Thank you so much. (...) Fedi you were able to provide me with something many hours of therapy failed to help me with.

Jeena, dance instructor, Cologne, Germany



Before finding Fedi, I received sessions from a licensed psychotherapist. Unfortunately, this “trauma therapy” was not very effective and in my case even retraumatizing. By contrast, the methods Fedi used with me were so much more lively and effective. I was able to experience emotional healing, accompanied by a sensitive coach, who just knows which words to say when in order to support you. I can say to everyone who is still in doubt that her sessions are incredibly valuable. Until this day, I use her advise daily and recommend her sessions to my closest friends.

Penelope, graphic designer, Düsseldorf



The reason I sought out Fedi, was because I wanted to take one more step into the direction of healing the most dreadful theme of my life: the fact that my own child experienced abuse. - Any parents’ worst nightmare. Friederike accompanied me into diving into that aspect of myself that was a match to this experience. It was an extreme, yet very healing experience in which I gained a lot of insight into the experience of my child as well as the perpetrator. Friederike was absolutely present, provided useful impulses when I need them, gave me time when I needed it and supported every step of my journey in just the exact right way. The result: I can better accept the present, understand the past and with this understanding and clarity, I can now take better action steps for the future of my child. I am very happy I took this step and had Friederike be with me in this dark space of my soul.

anonymous, from Germany



Fedi will listen. Listen without prejudice and judgement and has the astonishing ability to know exactly what to say in exactly the right moment. She assisted me through my most intense session yet and I would happily recommend her to anyone who is eager to going really deep.

Christian, IT-systems administrator, Nuremberg, Germany



Friederike receives you in such a warm-hearted way that makes you feel safe and protected. Despite previous therapies, this was the first time in my life I could clearly sense the origin of my pain, my desires and my needs, and see everything in front of my inner eye. I realized what I really need in order to feel good, because my unconscious mind communicated with me in clear images. I am extremely grateful to Friederike for this unique experience and I will certainly contact her again to resolve blockages and forge new paths. I really recommend consulting her. You are in really good hands!

Laura, social worker, Cologne, Germany



She was totally present and I felt truly supported by her and I highly recommend her for dealing with abandonment issues because of this. After the session I felt like I had recalibrated my whole being. I had a such a feeling of clarity and peace within myself with an overall sense of calm that I almost felt high. Now, the morning after, the calm is still residing through my body and I'm feeling open and eased in my chest. I'm excited to see how my life will unfold from now. I'm incredibly grateful to Fedi and I hope I get the opportunity to work with her in the future.

Taliah, healer and card reader from Melbourne, Australia



My whole life I've had huge problems opening up to people but I felt very safe with Fedi right from the start, she has a very loving presence and there is this gentle softness to her. Working with her has been amazing, it's been the first time in my life where I have been able to express my emotions openly to someone else without fear of consequence or judgement. (...) My mental and emotional state have improved a lot since my first session and I no longer feel those huge emotional swings that could occur even daily before. She is very good at finding an opening to work with I think, in some of my session I haven't really been very clear on what exactly to work on but she always manages to find the right angles or questions to ask to get down to the issue.

Adam, Sweden 



She gave me space to deeply explore my unconscious mind. I did not have a doubt when I went through her healing that she wasn't capable or anything. If anything she was confident, and capable and harnessing herself into helping you. Her authenticity touches you and you are able to express and believe life will go your way again.

Hung, student, USA