your life is yours

"It is one of my greatest joys to enable you to live a healthy, content life.

What I strive for is for you to find your fire power and move through your daily life freely."


Hello, my name is Friederike Peters. Welcome. I was born and raised in Krefeld, Germany. Until now, I have lived in Germany, the United States, France and Italy. On my journey to becoming a Facilitator for Emotional Integration and Healing, I came across humanistic hypnosis, meditation, yoga and the teachings of Teal Swan, Eckhart Tolle, Mel Robbins, Peter Michael Dieckmann, Dr. Joe Dispenza and many others. I was certified in practicing Reiki, Stop Smoking Hypnosis and The Completion Process. My unique way of coaching will not only allow you to understand why you feel stuck, but also find resolution, so that you can move through your daily life without inhibitions. Our unconscious beliefs and behaviour patterns determine our life. If left unattended, our unconscious decides which people we connect to, whom or what we trust, which decisions we make, actions we take, and utimately, the life we live


A bonus of the work on yourself is that when you learn to be fearlessly intimate and radically honest with yourself, you will not only find strength, trust and clarity, but you will also find it much easier to relate to others and have more intimate, more fulfilling relationships than before.


Most and foremost, what this work develops is trust in yourself. Wherever you want to go in life, if you don't feel save - which you may not even realize - you will not take a step. Sometimes, we believe it's the big decisions, like a new job, or a partnership, or a break-up, that will completely change our lives, and they could. But ultimately, what has much much more impact on you and the course of your life, are the little decisions you take everyday, is the way you treat, you love and relate to yourself. We like to say "Let love guide you, not fear." I like to say: Let fear guide you towards love. Every fear has a valid reason for its existence. It is worth looking at, healing and transforming it. For what is also very true is "What you resist, persists." So we must learn to embrace, heal and transform what we fear or resist instead.


And whether we suffer from *emotional abuse, *loneliness, *confusion, *abandonment, *anxiety, *depression, *sexual abuse, *spiritual challenges or simply *feel stuck - all of this mud is fertile ground for trees and flowers to bloom. We just need to start digging, and planting, and attending to those seeds - with love, with patience and with unconditional presence.


Much love 


What can you expect when you work with me?

  1. Expect to be welcomed with complete presence. Everything you say and however you feel will be save with me and there will be absolutely no judgement.
  2. The first step for you is to open your heart – and especially your mind - to feel what's long been buried. This is likely to be very painful. But don’t worry: I will accompany you in there - and out of there.
  3. Most of my sessions are based on a process of emotional healing. In this highly integrative process, you will dive deeply into your feeling states and not only learn where your unhealthy emotional and behavioral patterns come from, but also lovingly resolve them to make space for new experiences to come in.  You will not only weed your garden, but you will also plant new, amazing seeds!
  4. Be ready for pretty unconventional methods. My sessions may include the channeling of healing light language through singing.

What I need from you: 

  1. Please take yourself seriously and be on time and prepared for sessions. 
  2. Your willingness to go where it hurts. I'm there with you. You will be save.
  3.  Do continue our session work at home. Magic happens when you begin to take full responsibility for your life and make little, daily changes.
    For this, I may give you homework, or we may both come up with something you will implement in your life.
  4. Stay committed and be very, very kind and patient with yourself. If you don't know how to do this yet, don't worry - you'll learn. 

I really love this work. I love seeing peoples' lives transform. I am committed to always showing up and giving my best when working with you. So if you feel ready to make a commitment to yourself, your healing, your journey, I will be thrilled and honored to be one of your guides on this journey. 


Much love


If you are curious, below you find some of my experiences/ trainings/ life events that I deemed relevant to list. 


Team Member/ Emotional Healing Facilitator | Raw Connection Retreat w/ Ram Alsaman New Earth Integration, Berlin


Team Member/ Emotional Healing Facilitator | Raw Connection Retreat w/ Ram Alsaman New Earth Integration, Berlin

Assistant Coach/ Team Member | Completion Process Training and Mirror Event, Sydney, Australia

Microexpressions Training | Bert Udo Koch, HiQ Institut

Masterclass of Personality | Tobias Beck University


Dalmanuta Reiki Master | Peter Michael Dieckmann
HiQ Update Seminar | HiQ-Institute

Power of You Alumni | Mel Robbins


Stop Smoking Hypnosis Certified Practitioner | Erik Grösche, HiQ Institut

Completion Process Certified Practitioner | Teal Swan

Bachelor of Science, Psychology | FernUniversität in Hagen


Humanistic Hypnosis Practitioner | HiQ Institute for Humanistic Hypnosis


Second Degree Dalmanuta Reiki (Extended Usui System) | Peter Michael Dieckmann

First Degree Reiki, Original Usui System | Claudia Wagner


Italian Language Certification (C1) | Centro Koiné, Firenze (IT)


Internship in Humanitarian Work | GRAIF Groupe de recherché et d'appui aux initiatives féminines - Thiès, Sénégal


French Langugae Certification (B2) | Alliance Francaise de Lyon (FR)

High School Graduation as the Valedictorian | Ricarda-Huch-Gymnasium, Krefeld


American High School Diploma | Wallace High, Wallace, Nebraska (USA)