Change begins within

© Guido Velten Photography
© Guido Velten Photography

It is my joy and purpose to bring more peace, trust and strength into this world. And this begins here – in your inner world – with you and with me.”


Hello, beautiful being!

I am glad you are here. I assume you are here, because now is the right time. There’s something within you, yearning to be seen. There is life force, waiting to return to you.


My name is Friederike Peters and it is my purpose and calling to bring more peace, trust and strength into this world – to reduce loneliness, depression, anxieties and other sources of pain. And this begins with you and with me. It begins with guiding you to free your heart form the injuries of the past, so that you may invite new emotions into your life and clear your vision on your current life situation: Perceiving more possibilities. Beginning to trust again – trust in yourself, your skills and in life. Beginning to embrace yourself.


Through my unique way of coaching you will not only understand why you feel the way you feel, but we will also resolve those issues deep within your being. Your unconscious - or subconscious – governs our life. If we pay no attention to our unconscious, it will decide for us which people we connect to, whom we trust, which decisions we make, which actions we take, and so ultimately: which life we live.


The most important quality my coaching methods rebuilds, is trust. Trust in yourself and trust in life. Wherever you want to go in life, whatever you want to achieve: If you don’t trust it, if you feel insecure – you might not even notice if your fears are rooted in your unconscious – you will not take the first, or the next, step. We tend to believe that it is the big decisions that change the course of our lives: a new job, a relationship, or a break-up. And yes, that’s possible. However, what is likely to have a far greater impact on your life than those seemingly big decisions, are the small decisions you make every day. The way in which you treat yourself – what kind of relationship you have with yourself. These days, a lot of people say “Let love guide you” or “Open your heart!” But nobody tells you how this really works, or what to do if the first thing you feel when tuning into your heart is pain. I say: Let fear guide you towards love. Every fear has a valid reason for its existence. I can't even begin to tell you how valuable it is to take a closer look at your fears and transforming them through feeling. We must first accept that which we want to “make go away”, create healing and fully integrate this healing experience.


No matter whether our pain comes from loneliness, emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, anxiety, fears, depression, sexual abuse, spiritual challenges, break-ups, relationship or family crises, or even just the feeling of being stuck: All this “shit”, all this mud, is fertile soil for the flowers of our life. We just need to start digging, planting new seeds and attending to them – with love, with patience and with unconditional presence.


My expertise lies especially in working with depression, psychosomatic symptoms and social anxiety.



As a bonus of working with yourself is that when you learn to be present, intimate and honest with yourself, you will find it much easier to relate to other people and create meaningful, lasting relationships.

© Wolfgang Hansen
© Wolfgang Hansen

What can you expect when you work with me?


  1. Expect to be welcomed with complete presence. Everything you say and feel will be save with me and there will be absolutely no judgement.
  2. The first step for you is to open your heart – and especially your mind - to feel what's long been buried. This is likely to be very painful. But don’t worry: I will guide you in there - and safely out of there.
  3. Most of my sessions are based on a process of emotional healing. In this highly integrative and feeling-based process, you will dive deeply into your feeling states and not only learn where your life situation or painful emotions come from, but also lovingly resolve them to make space for new experiences.  You will not only weed your garden, but you will also plant new, amazing seeds!
  4. Be ready for some unconventional methods. My sessions may - but don't have to - include the deep meditations,  mediumship, or the channeling of healing sound through singing. Intuitive energy work accompanies nearly every session.

What I need from you: 

  1. Please take yourself seriously and come to your sessions prepared and on time. 
  2. Be open and willing to go where it hurts. I'm there with you. You will be save.
  3. Do continue our session work at home. Magic happens when you begin to take full responsibility for your life and make little, daily changes.
    I might give you homework, or we may both come up with something you will implement in your life.
  4. Stay committed and be very, very kind and patient with yourself. If you don't know how to do this yet, don't worry - you'll learn. 

I really enjoy this work. I love seeing peoples' lives transform. I am committed to always showing up my best and being one hundret percent present when working with you.

So if you feel ready to make a commitment to yourself, your healing, your journey, I will be thrilled and honored to be one of your guides on this journey. 


Much love


Degrees, Qualifications and other Experiences

If you are curious, below you find some of my experiences/ trainings/ life events that I deemed relevant to list. 


AWAKA Experience | A 10-day intensive healing and coaching journey to Peru

Host/ Moderation | Ayurveda Open Doors | Full day of Ayurveda, Köln

Workshop Facilitator | Healing Emotional Wounds | Ayurveda Open Doors, Köln

Workshop Facilitator | Sacred Space: my Workshop for shadow work and healing | Köln

Team Member/ Emotional Healing Facilitator | Raw Connection Retreat w/ Ram Alsaman New Earth Integration, Berlin

Byron Katie "THE WORK" Workshop | Köln



Team Member/ Emotional Healing Facilitator | Raw Connection Retreat w/ Ram Alsaman New Earth Integration, Berlin

Assistant Coach/ Team Member | Completion Process Training and Mirror Event, Sydney, Australia

Microexpressions Training | Bert Udo Koch, HiQ Institut

Masterclass of Personality | Tobias Beck University

Team Member/ Emotional Healing Facilitator | The Completion Process Gathering | Ram Alsaman New Earth Integration, Berlin



Dalmanuta Reiki Master | Peter Michael Dieckmann
HiQ Update Seminar | HiQ-Institute

Power of You Alumni | Mel Robbins



Stop Smoking Hypnosis Certified Practitioner | Erik Grösche, HiQ Institut

Specific Hypnosis Techniques Practitioner | Erik Grösche, HiQ Institut

Completion Process Certified Practitioner | Teal Swan

Bachelor of Science, Psychology | FernUniversität in Hagen



Humanistic Hypnosis Practitioner | HiQ Institute for Humanistic Hypnosis



Second Degree Dalmanuta Reiki (Extended Usui System) | Peter Michael Dieckmann

First Degree Reiki, Original Usui System | Claudia Wagner



Italian Language Certification (C1) | Centro Koiné, Firenze (IT)



Internship in Humanitarian Work | GRAIF Groupe de recherché et d'appui aux initiatives féminines - Thiès, Sénégal



French Langugae Certification (B2) | Alliance Francaise de Lyon (FR)

High School Graduation as the Valedictorian | Ricarda-Huch-Gymnasium, Krefeld



American High School Diploma | Wallace High, Wallace, Nebraska (USA)