Hello! My name is Friederike Peters. I am an Intuitive Coach and classically trained singer. My goal is for all those who feel lost  to find true  m e a n i n g  and  f u l f i l l m e n t in their lives. For you, beautiful being, to live purposefully from your heart. To liberate your uniqueness and become a  m a g n e t  for abundance, love and joy. 





I am convinced that deep inside you, there is a knowing about what you really need for a  f u l f i l l e d  life. Maybe, this knowing is covered up by old emotions, beliefs, patterns you acquired from society or family structures, or traumatic experiences. My mission is to accompany you in lifting the veil, which is covering your  c l a r i t y .


If you feel drawn to me, it is likely that the challenges you face in life, are challenges I have met before: Being highly sensitive, emotional crises, the dark night of the soul, feeling like you don't belong, loneliness, long search for a life partner, taking detours and meeting dead ends, feeling like nothing makes sense, feeling estranged from the world and a knowing that there must be something more to life... 


I have studied and received all methods I work with. This is how I know exactly where you are in the process and how I can support you best. Whether it is energy healing, shadow work (parts work/ Teal Swan's Completion Process), meditation, or channeling: I will choose the method we use specifically  f o r   y o u  and your situation. There is not that one method that is right for everyone at any time.


Your whole self - body, emotion, mind and soul - are attended to in this coaching. Helping you gain trust in your own steps  and making you see, sense and feel your sense of worthiness is crucial to me.






 Discover your frequency and liberate the divinity you are:


There is a frequency only you hold. This frequency is  y o u r  g i f t : The gift life holds for you. A gift you hold for the world.


L e t   m e   e x p l a i n :

By this frequency, I mean, the true YOU. The You beyond what you have learned you can, or cannot be. It is the You you came here to be. Doesn't it make sense that if you are trying to be someone you are not, life simply cannot feel good - it is impossible. Pretending to fit in, pretending to be someone you are not, pretending to like things just because others do, makes you small, it makes you feel worthless, it makes you feel like "No matter how hard I try, I'm never gonna get it" ...love, joy, money... Well, naturally. It is impossible to feel good and to be open to receive the goodness of life, when you are not being who you came here to be. 

What you came here to be, is unique. Your uniqueness, has a specific frequency. And even if it remains in-perceivable to your physical ears, this frequency is sound. Metaphorically spoken, it is the song your life sings into the world. 

T h e   S o u n d   o f   Y o u


With this mentoring, you awaken and strengthen your true self through a combination of energy healing, shadow work, channeling, conscious manifestation techniques and a good deal down-to-earthness. Establish a connection between your soul, your heart and the here-and-now. A connection between your desires and your power to make them come true. 

Together, we will liberate your magnetic frequency in order to invite, instead of push for, more  j o y ,  l i f e  f o r c e  energy,  a b u n d a n c e , healthy relationships, and  l o v e  into your life. 


Once your true frequency is liberated, doors will open which you didn't even know existest.


People, situations and possibilities you could not have thought up yourself will enter your life.



This is your  p o w e r .


Liberated  m a g i c .


Your  m a g n e t i s m  .


Time to unpack your gift.


End the search.



Give your soul a chance to speak through you.


Your soul has a sound. The Sound of You.





First off, before we begin, we are going to meet at least once in a video call and you will receive a full-blown, free session. This free session is for both you and me to find out whether we are comfortable working with one another. Both you and me must feel like these are going to be exciting 6 months of commitment and transformation! We don't do half-hearted shit. 

  • 6 months full commitment
  • weekly 1:1 sessions via phone or video call
  • 100% love, presence and high-vibing energy 
  • contact me in between sessions via chat or email
  • surprise bonus materials and invitations 💛

Individual topics of the following six months will be determined in alignment with your needs: your life situation, your challenges and your goals. Once I have received your go, I channel a specific mentoring outline for you. I tap into your energy to know what needs to be addressed for you to feel and radiate who you truly are. 


Here are some topics that almost always come up within those six months:

  • l o v e  & partnership
  • hidden  t a l e n t s
  • forbidden  j o y s
  • support and trust
  • p u r p o s e
  • a b u n d a n c e


The Sound of You and Abundance:


"Friederike, I don't just want to be happier without material abundance."


This is something a dear client of mine once said. Now. Let me elaborate on that and share with you what I shared with her: It is  i m p o s s i b l e  for you to embody who you truly are and not be a magnet for abundance.


Why is that?

  • Needing money, or being out of money, is lack. 
  • Not feeling joy, is lack.
  • Missing love and connection, is lack.


. . . Everything is energy . . .

. . . Connecting the dots . . .


Perceiving a lack and acting from that perception, invites more lack. It debilitates you from actually seeing abundance when it is right in front of you. It makes you incapable of perceiving opportunities for abundance, because your focus is on lack. In order to feel, embody and magnetize abundance, you must get beyond lack. And nothing, NO THING will fill the hole of not being yourself. Nothing will fill the emptiness of not feeling and radiating who you truly are into the world, other than actually getting to the core of the matter and pulling back layer by layer of unnecessary, old beliefs and limitations. 


Money is energy.

Love is energy. 

Joy is energy. 


Nothing can replace opening up to love and joy when you are looking to open up to abundance. Receiving. Being receptive to loving, joyful, abundant energy is a big part of the mentoring program. Dissolving resistance to receiving is crucial.


How you receive love is how you receive joy is how you receive abundance.


This is not a business coaching that will give you short-term, unfulfilling results.


This is a journey that will lead you to a more abundant you in all areas of life.