Hi, my name is  F r i e d e r i k e .  

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professional,  c o m p a s s i o n a t e  and effective  s u p p o r t

in times of  l o n e l i n e s s  and  f e a r 

as well as  e m o t i o n a l  and  s p i r i t u a l   c r i s e s .


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More about who I am.

E M O T I O N A L   H E A L I N G


releasing emotional and spiritual pain through coaching inspired by teal swan's completion process


Experience real inner and outer relief with this coaching based on deep emotional work inspired by spiritual concepts as well as the newest, scientific findings in quantum physics and epigenetics. Create emotional well-being through meeting your darkest aspects instead of avoiding them. I will be completely present with you, providing soft yet solid guidance and unwavering presence.


I recommend this method in particular if you are plagued by feelings of loneliness, apathy, hopelessness, or strong emotions; when you are wondering how to get past the pain you experienced. 




s a c r e d   s o u n d


My training in operatic singing as well as meditation and energy healing enable me to channel sacred sound frequencies from the quantum field. These powerful, intuitive songs can transmit messages from other dimensions and effect healing processes on an energetic level. 


Sound Channeling can facilitate healing on an energetic and soul level, strengthen your spiritual connection, transmit messages from the universe beyond and provide more clarity on your current life situation and potential future steps. My Sound Channelings are always embedded in a meditation and are concluded with a personal message from me to you.


"I'm curious about Sacred Sound."



y o u r  c o n s c i o u s n e s s 


This channeling is extremely helpful if you keep making the experience that something you dearly desire just does not want to manifest into your physical reality, regardless of how intensely you have worked on achieving your goal.


It’s these situations where you begin to think “Well, maybe this just isn’t for me” or “God must be against this desire.” or “The universe is not my side.” Well, what if there was this aspect of your consciousness that just isn’t on board with your desire yet? What if you could connect with this aspect of yourself and find out what their concerns are? What if it you could directly communicate with this aspect and connect with it in such a way that it restores inner harmony and faith in your journey? This is what this channeling makes possible: Communicate directly with aspects of your consciousness you are unable to access alone.